“One of the greatest aspects of the college experience is being a part of a great college tradition. Traditions can provide a great sense of community, place, spirit and overall well-being at a college with many students. It’s up to students and their mentors to keep these traditions alive.

As an esteemed Engineering and Pharmacy College in Bijnor City, Our institution continuously focuses on values and culture. Beside this Bijnor has its own belief as Birth place of King Bharat S/o King Dushyant (Kanva Ashram)-“Bharat Vansh” Vidur Kuti, which lies almost 12 km away from Bijnor is of much historical significance. After his dispute with Duryodhana Mahatma Vidur spent his later years here. According to legends Lord Krishna had also visited Bijnor. Moreover, during the battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas, Mahatma Vidur is said to have protected and guarded all the women and children family members of both the sides. Due to lack of sufficient area, Vidur decided to have an exclusive area for the women and children. This place is known as Daranagar (Bijnor).” Certainly Bijnor have great tradition, beliefs and Our College follows the same.

For betterment several programs are initiated at campus like “Education and Industrial Training”, “Sports Activities”, “Dancing and Singing competitions” and “Technocrats Clubs”. We all know that tradition, in personal life and in higher education is passed on from one generation or group to the next. This pattern of transmission creates both a historical and present context for tradition in our lives and higher education.”