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The term ‘Pharmacy’ has its origin in the Greek word ‘pharmakon’ meaning ‘drug’. From the ancient ayurvedic system of medicine, pharmacy has evolved to its present state of a highly developed and specialized branch of medicine and is referred to as Pharmaceutical Technology. The topic is quite elaborate; however, a brief preview of the pharmacy profession has been described above. I welcome all the young aspirants to pursue the course of D. Pharm & B. Pharm from R V Institute of Pharmacy, Bijnor and become armed with a diploma / degree which have a unique range of job options and bright career prospects. Concluding, I would like to extend my warm welcome to all interested students and parents to the college to discuss about the course and any other aspect which they might like to know about.

R V Institute of Pharmacy was started in the year 2019, with a noble idea to equip the students with the best technical knowledge & skills, nurture scientific temperaments, identify hidden talents, inculcate professional ethics and human values and provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential, thus mould them into professionally superior and ethically strong global manpower with the ability to adapt to an intellectually and technologically changing environment and to become future leaders.

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Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)

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Prominent attributes in our campus

Prominent Attributes

  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Will maintained laboratories
  • Computer lab with Wi-Fi Support
  • Reputed professional disciplined work culture for quality education
  • Transforming students profile for better market value
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Scope in Today’s World:

The placement aspect of pharmacy diploma &graduates encircles a wide range of options depending upon the personal interest and expertise of the candidate. To name a few, there is a constant demand for pharmacy degree holders in manufacturing, quality control, research & development, marketing, hospital, teaching and in various government health departments. Individual practice of pharmacy is also possible through community or retail pharmacy.