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"Every burned book enlightens the world". Ralph Waldo Emerson
RVIT library has got all what it takes to gain an insight into core technical concepts and thus it acts as a place of learning and “Automated Lib Guru ” software makes it possible to make it easily accessible to its students. The library consists of a lagre number of books on various subjects ranging from the core recommended standard books mentioned in syllabus to other reference books, a large number of social books, magazines and journals for B.Tech and diploma students.

The library has a rich collection of resources including training manuals,reports and books than what a student expects. The library is managed by efficient staff and all the facilities such as issuing and returning of books and searching books is done comprehensivley. RVIT library with its updated and latest collection of knowledge resources and innovative information facilities plays a vital role for the academic community in their intellectual pursuits.

The environment of the library is reading friendly and very congenial. The library uses the automation software (Lib Guru) for the quick services like maintenance of database, information about certain books etc. The Library contributes to the fulfillment of the Institute’s mission by:

Library Facility at RVIT
  • Selecting, acquiring, organising, maintaining and making accessible a collection of books related to the curriculum i.e. text books, reference books, novels of renowned writers and motivational books.
  • E-library facility is also provided so that students and faculties can explore more on the newly introduced technologies.
  • Responding to the varying needs of the academic community by involving the faculty, the students and the administration in the development and periodic assessment of the library services and resources.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Open access system is followed in the Library
  • Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the Library.
  • Cell Phone to be switched off inside the Library.
  • Bags are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • If the due date falls on a holiday for the Library, the next working day will be taken as the due date.
  • Books will be issued to the members only on producing the library cards provided by the institute.
  • If any book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the person responsible shall replace it with a new copy or pay the cost of the recent price and handling charges or as may be decided by the authorities.
  • Books will not be issued to members on the library card of others. Membership Cards are not transferable. Books will not be issued to students on the Membership Card of staff members.
  • Books will be issued subject to availability only. Only four books at a time can be issued on a library card.

Project Report Format

Below are the guidelines for the format. Please download and follow.

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Roll Of Honour

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Sl.No. Roll No. Name Percentage(%) Batch
1 0950110039 SONAM KAPUR 73.68 2009-13
2 1050110041 SITANSHU CHAUDHARY 81.40 2010-14
3 1150110020 RIYA NIGAM 75.78 2011-15
4 1250110041 PARUL 77.28 2012-16
5 1350110024 SHIVAM SHARMA 82.24 2013-17
6 1450110012 NEHA KUMARI 77.38 2014-18
7 1550110012 CHHAVI SHARMA 76.70 2015-19
8 1650110010 HEERA BATOOL 81.96 2016-20
9 1750110009 ANANYA AGARWAL 83.76 2017-21
10 1850110011 HARSH GUPTA 83.89 2018-22

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sl.No. Roll No. Name Percentage(%) Batch
1 0950131004 ANJU CHAUHAN 77.10 2009-13
2 1050131007 ANITA SAINI 78.34 2010-14
3 1150131031 SHUBHAM VASHISTH 75.18 2011-15
4 1250131004 ANJALI RAJPUT 80.70 2012-16
5 1350131001 ASHUTOSH PANDEY 78.90 2013-17
6 1550131902 NEHA RAJPUT 80.22 2014-18
7 1550131010 SACHIN 80.36 2015-19
8 1650131005 TILAK RAJ SINGH 82.40 2016-20
9 1750131004 RIPAKSHI SINGH 90.80 2017-21
10 1850131005 SATENDRA KUMAR 75.50 2018-22

Department of Electrical Engineering

Sl.No. Roll No. Name Percentage(%) Batch
1 1150120902 KALPANA 74.09 2010-14
2 1150120005 DHEERAJ KUMAR SHARMA 73.46 2011-15
3 1250120001 ABHILASH KUMAR 70.62 2012-16
4 1350120001 AMIT KUMAR 79.16 2013-17
5 1450120004 SAUMYA AGARWAL 79.88 2014-18
6 1550120017 VISHAL RAJPUT 74.70 2015-19
7 165012003 LAKSHIT CHAUHAN 81.20 2016-20
8 1750120012 SHAURYA PRATAP 78.80 2017-21
9 1850120003 MOHD. AMMAR 81.53 2018-22

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sl.No. Roll No. Name Percentage(%) Batch
1 0950140047 TARUN KUMAR 76.94 2009-13
2 1050140006 ANKIT KUMAR RANA 76.34 2010-14
3 1150140036 NIMIT KAUSHIK 77.94 2011-15
4 1250140052 MD. MAMOOR 78.62 2012-16
5 1350140036 NISHANT KUMAR 79.00 2013-17
6 1450140033 RAJAT CHAUDHARY 76.82 2014-18
7 1550140014 ASHWANI YADAV 76.30 2015-19
8 1650140036 UJJWAL RAJ 82.00 2016-20
9 1750140012 MUKUL PRATAP 78.70 2017-21
10 1850140046 VISHAL YADAV 74.40 2018-22

Department of Civil Engineering

Sl.No. Roll No. Name Percentage(%) Batch
1 1250100001 AAMIR KHAN 71.36 2012-16
2 1450100901 RITIKA SINGH 80.96 2013-17
3 1450100003 HIMANSHU 79.48 2014-18
4 1550100013 FAIEM AHMAD 76.40 2015-19
5 1650100004 ANUJ CHAUDHARY 81.30 2016-20
6 1750100009 MOHD BILAL 75.10 2017-21
7 1850100025 VIKRANT PAL 80.00 2018-22

Our Boards

Advisory Board

S.No Names Designation
1 Prof. Rajeev Sangal Dirtector (IIT BHU)
2 Dr. Ran Singh Arya A Great Socialist
3 Prof. Ganesh Bagariya HBTI Kanpur
4 Prof. G.P Govil Director,NIET Delhi
5 Prof. Gajendra Singh Ad. Director (KIET Ghaziabad)
6 Mr. Prem Ojha Chief Operating Officer Videocon Telecom
7 Mr. Sandeep Sharma Executive President, Dhampur Sugar Mills (DSM Dhampur)

Academic Council

In today’s rapidly evolving field of education it is essential that the Educational Institutes and Universities develop a dynamic faculty resource base that provides a quality education system to its students. RVIT, with the help, support and guidance of its elite Academic Council provides the best support to ensure a premier quality learning experience and hence gives a new dimension to education.

The Academic Council for Technical Education in RVIT is committed to help the students chase their dreams and achieve their aims by formulating and developing a dynamic and flexible educational framework that promotes and maintains the high standards of premier quality education in a nurturing environment.

The management, teachers and other staff members are committed to enable and help all its students perform to their utmost academic potential and deliver optimum performance. The mission of RVIT’s Academic Council for Technical Education is not only to strengthen its students by imparting the quality education to them but also to enrich them with the strong technical concepts and to instill in them the traits and qualilties required to grab the corporate opportunities and be successful in their lives.

RVIT offers a wide range of engineering and diploma programs. The courses offered at RVIT help bridge the barriers of time and create opportunities for the students to achieve success and excel in their lives. Our Academic Council comprises of highly qualified senior academicians and educationists who bring with them their years of teaching and quality research experience who help bring the real world and practical hands on experience which will enhance conceptual understanding of the students.