Why clubs are necessary in any Institute?

The RVIT Club is responsible for providing conducive and out of classroom learning environment. Rvit, Bijnor believes more on applied knowledge instead of theory. A club serves as an important channel to solicit & receive feedback and suggestions side by side provides an opportunity for students to cultivate and nurture their talents and bring out the leader in them. RVIT has always emphasized on the aspect of simultaneous collaborations of academics and extracurricular activities for the wholesome development of each student.

They say” a healthy mind is one which concieves flourishing ideas and opinions”. at RVIT for achieveing this goal students are encouraged to participate in various functions and events. To teach them time and event management, the responsibility of organizing the events is solely left to the students. The activities they conductis strong equation between academics and extracurriculars.

Clubs at RVIT, Engineering & Pharmacy College Bijnor

Clubs at RVIT

RVIT provides their students exposure to the corporate world, cultural fests, convocation, quizzes, sports, cultural activities, placement activities etc. Students, by participating in these activities, get an opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity thus fostering overall development of their personality. A close knit network of mentor and mentees exist at RVIT and it is under the guided efforts of the mentors that the students engage in such activities and evolve asa great leaders and manager in their lives. RVIT comprises of various clubs and communities where students explore their persona according to their needs and interests.