Student Conduct

The Discipline Cell for Student Conduct supports the Vision and Mission of R.V. lnstitute of Technology, Bijnor by effectively and efficiently monitoring Code of Student Conduct. This helps to promote and improve the academic integrity, to enhance the individual and communities interests to improve the accountability of RVitians that foster student success. RVlT encourages honesty, integrity, and respect within its community and strive to help its students recognize their mistakes and learn from them.

Students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the institute. Violation of rules and regulations including:

  • Negligence in attending classes.
  • Disrespect towards teachers and staff members.
  • Use of mobile is not allowed in the Class room, Laboratories and Library.
  • If any property of the institute is damaged by the students deliberately or with negligence the students will be duly fined or dealt with reasonable punishment.

Proctorial Board

1 Mr. Giriraj Singh Chief Proctor 9756201671
2 Dr. Ashutosh Kansal Member 8192803502
3 Mr. Vineet Chaudhary Member 9756201794
4 Mr. Atul Kumar Vats Member 9756201494
5 Mr. Ujjwal Pathak Member 9756200033
6 Mr. Divyanshu Kumar Member 9756200036
7 Mr. Ajay Member 8979534299
8 Mr. Sansar Singh Member 8449637020
9 Mrs. Kokil Tyagi Member 9897274285
10 Mr. Atesh Kumar Member 7055352759

Punctuality and regularity in all activities shall be the essence of students conduct. Late entry in the class room is not allowed. Students shall be required to take gate pass for leaving the college campus in college time from their respective class coordinators.

As per the ordinances for Bachelor of Technology programs, approved by academic council in its meeting dated 20th Sep. 2006, effective from the session 2006-07 /  guidelines of Board of Technical Education,  Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for three years diploma program in engineering, it is required to maintain 100%  attendance during the semester in order to appear into end semester theory & practical examination organized by the University /  Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh; hence it is necessary for each and every student to remain present in the institute and attend all lecture & practical classes as per the time-table of the institute and other prescribed  curricular and co-curricular activities (there are some provisions for the relaxation in attendance on medical grounds or on some other genuine reasons beyond the controls of students); any students having attendance below 75% during the semester shall not be allowed to appear into the end semester theory & practical examination organized by the University /  Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh. The attendance will be counted from the first day of the start of classes in academic session. The leave on medical grounds of for other genuine reasons beyond the control of students may be allowed after the due approval of the office of the Head of Department.

The uniform for both boys and girls is prescribed for the students of the institute. Moreover the Students need to carry their I-cards in the campus.

Summer Uniform : Shirt, Trouser, Black Shoes.
Winter Uniform : Coat/Blazer, Shirt, Trouser, Tie, Black Shoes
Entry in the campus without proper uniform and I-card is prohibited.