This is to inform all the students of Poly EC, who are absent in 3rd Internal Practical that a special Internal Practical will be conducted from 5/4/16. They should appear in that after submitting the carry over fee Rs 100/- for each practical failing which will lead their internal Back in the subject. No other chance will be given to any student after this.

S. No. Student Name Branch Year Subject Practical Name Total No.of Practical
1 Atul Kumar EC 1st EE 1st 1
2 Km. Upasna Tyagi EC 1st ECD, CAE 2
3 Maneesh Kumar EC 1st Physics 1
4 Mohd. Talib EC 1st EE 1st 1
5 Pankaj Kumar EC 1st PC,ECD,EE1st, CAE, Elementry Workshop 5
6 Sahil Maheshwari EC 1st ECD 1
7 Banti Kumar EC 2nd EE 2nd, Electronic Workshop 2
8 Chhatrapal Singh EC 2nd EE 2nd,NFTL,Electronic Workshop 3
9 Bhanupriya EC 2nd PDE,  C & C++ 2
10 Kapil Kumar EC 2nd EE 2nd, IET, NFTL, EDC, PCE, Electronic Workshop 6
11 Nitin Tyagi EC 2nd EE 2nd 1
12 Mahendra Pratap EC 3rd MCS, EIM, AVS, OFE, MPA 5
13 Suraj Veer EC 3rd OFE 1
14 Vipul EC 3rd OFE 1