R V Institute of Technology, Bijnor is one of the institutes in India which  has been nominated as the Nodal Center by IIT, Madras to implement the QEEE program.

Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education(QEEE) is a program funded by MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource and Development) with an objective to enhance quality of technical education in all under graduate engineering colleges all over India with the help of IITs.

A Program in which on-line Video Classes has been given by the IITs Faculty  on  Various technical Subjects.

Five modules are planned under these:

Live Classes – Live lectures delivered by IIT Faculty and projected in remote classrooms to all students

Tutorials – Enable tutorials by IIT Faculty, supervised by local instructors, provide more engaging experience to students via Live Chat/Video/White board

Virtual Labs – Labs in virtual environment to provide practical learning experience to students and run locally at institutes at designated times. These labs will have multimedia content (video clips, animation, text) to provide inputs to the students on the theory, instructions for performing the experiments etc. as well as quizzes.

Bridge Programs – Courses for students to bridge the gaps and enhance their all round development towards employability

MOOCs(Massively Open Online Courses) – Subject-wise Recommended MOOCs from multiple providers.

The lectures are designed in such a manner that both students and teachers get benefited with the  deep knowledge related to their subject other than the university course content.

This programme is coordinated by the efficient and dedicated team of RVIT, Bijnor at its Campus.

Mr. Sunny Deshwal (Program Coordinator)

Ms. Aprna Tripati (Faculty Coordinator)