Social Outings and Events

The  RV Instiute of Tehcnology makes sure that all the students get  some  time to rejuvenate and get their minds refreshed and relieved from   stress caused by the monotonous schedule and intense study without any   break. The social outings(picnics, camp fire, adventure trips etc ) to   different places are organised at regular intervals so as to make the   students feel more cheerful and full of life.

Cultural trip of North India

The students of the college are taken to the field trips to different locations and they are encouraged to attend all trips as they form an important compliment to their academics and enhance the knowledge of the students.


Director of the play, Shri Arvind Gaur and lead actor, Shilpi Marwaha addressing the audience at the Stein Auditorium.       

A selected group of students every year is taken to different activity tours. To ensure an enjoyable and memorable visit for everyone, we request few adult supervisors to accompany the students. Different groups of students have varied range of interests and objectives while taking on a tour. Every student not only desires to learn from the tour but also want to enjoy the tour in a pleasant and surprising manner. The fun & excitement quotient should always be on the rise throughout the tour with minimum hassles and problems.

Students of R.V. Institute of Technology interacting with the lead actor of Italian play 'A Woman Alone ' Shilpi Marwaha

For the students and faculty members of RVIT, every tour is a new experience with different sets of activities. So it is our objective to offer the best learning and most comfortable experience to our students, so that the group may rejoice and have some wonderful memories to cherish and happily recollect their memories and share their pleasant experiences about their tour before their friends and relatives.

Students of RVIT entering the premises of Rashtrapati Bhawan     RVITians at “The famous 37 steps” of Rashtrapati Bhawan

To achieve this we make sure that when the tour schedule is finalized according to the choices and objectives of the students; we offer to include numerous extra activities to make their journey more memorable.These tours can teach some of the most valuable lessons of life to the students in a short span of time that otherwise might take a long duration once the student life gets over. RVIT assures that transfers are smoothly managed and the learning process continues with fun mixed in liberal doses.

Dhanaulti Trip

Dhanaulti is a small hill station located at a height of approx. 2300 mts above sea level on Mussorie-chamba raod in Tehri district .It is very famous among the tourists for its affording exquisiteness and snowfall during winters. It is still untouched by the heavy rush of tourists and also for its nature eclipsed with greenery and surrounded with large alpine, oak and  trees.
These reasons were more than enough for RVitians to decide to go aroung for a perfectly planned and timed trip to Dhanaulti.

The pleasant weather and various invigorating views of the mountain peaks during sunrise was astonishing.

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