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In today’s rapidly evolving field of education it is essential that the Educational Institutes and Universities develop a dynamic faculty resource base that provides a quality education system to its students. RVIT, with the help, support and guidance of its elite Academic Council provides the best support to ensure a premier quality learning experience and hence gives a new dimension to education.

The Academic Council for Technical Education in RVIT is committed to help the students chase their dreams and achieve their aims by formulating and developing a dynamic and flexible educational framework that promotes and maintains the high standards of premier quality education in a nurturing environment.

The management, teachers and other staff members are committed to enable and help all its students perform to their utmost academic potential and deliver optimum performance. The mission of RVIT’s Academic Council for Technical Education is not only to strengthen its students by imparting the quality education to them but also to enrich them with the strong technical concepts and to instill in them the traits and qualilties required to grab the corporate opportunities and be successful in their lives.

RVIT offers a wide range of engineering and diploma programs. The courses offered at RVIT help bridge the barriers of time and create opportunities for the students to achieve success and excel in their lives. Our Academic Council comprises of highly qualified senior academicians and educationists who bring with them their years of teaching and quality research experience who help bring the real world and practical hands on experience which will enhance conceptual understanding of the students.


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