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Human Values and professional ethics workshop has been conducted by R V Institute of Technology, Bijnor in its campus. It’s a 8 day workshop starting from 8 December to 15 December 2016, R V institute of Technology is a nodal centre of “Values Education” through AKTU, Lucknow. The title of this workshop is “Human Values and Professional Ethics”, which was inaugurated with the lamp lightening ceremony by the managing Director Mr. Sunny Deshwal, Director Dr. N.K. Singh and Dean Academics Mr. Rajeev Kumar of R V Institute of Technology, Bijnor.

The chief guest and the main speaker of this workshop is Mr. Moti Chand Yadav and Dr. Niyati Garg. In this workshop 36 participants of various colleges are participating. The main objective of this workshop is that what is right for us and for the nature in context of human values principles specially in the present scenario of today’s world, where we are all the time harming self, society and nature only to prove a superiority. This human values workshop would be further proceeded by the main Mr. Moti Chand Yadav.

In this workshop all the participants mainly discussed about self realization also their relationship with self, society, nature and with their family and near and dear ones. This workshop mainly focus on the relationship building aspect of human beings with the other individual and its duty towards the society and nature.